The Umarex VP9 BB pistol makes for an affordable choice in replica firearms

Umarex Heckler and Koch VP9 .177 Caliber CO2 Steel BB Blowback Pistol with Included CO2 12 Gram (5 Pack) and Pack of 1500 Precision Steel BBS and Wearable4u Cloth 

Umarex loves to give airgun shooters backyard friendly versions of the most popular licensed replicas available and the German VP9 is no exception.
The H&K VP9 has become a favorite sidearm of civilians and police forces around the world since its introduction in 2014. Positioned as a compact everyday carry-conceal, the VP9 takes its name from the original German “Volkspistole” or the “People’s Pistol”. Now adapted for use as a CO2 plinker, airgunners can send rounds downrange without disturbing the neighbors.
The CO2 VP9 revels in the fine attention to detail that you can expect from Umarex. Featuring authentic H&K licensed markings, the air pistol features an all-metal slide on a polymer body just like the real steel. To get started blasting targets, drop a single 12-gram CO2 into the 18rd BB magazine and jump right into the action. Its texturized grip ensures a secure hold and you put rounds downrange at speeds up to 350 fps.
The Umarex VP9 BB pistol makes for an affordable choice in replica firearms. If you want to drop cans and pepper paper targets, see why Umarex is one of the top choices for CO2 replicas.