Extra Full Metal High Cap Airsoft Mag

ORDER Here For Best Price An extra full metal high-capacity (high-cap) airsoft magazine refers to an additional magazine designed for use in airsoft guns. Airsoft is a recreational shooting sport in which participants use replica firearms that shoot plastic BBs. High-capacity magazines are popular among airsoft players because they can hold a larger number of BBs compared to standard-capacity magazines. Here's some information about extra full metal high-cap airsoft magazines: Material: The magazine is constructed primarily of metal, often steel or aluminum, to ensure durability and longevity. Capacity: High-capacity magazines typically hold a larger number of BBs compared to standard-capacity magazines. The exact capacity can vary depending on the specific magazine model but can range from 200 to 600+ BBs. Loading mechanism: High-cap magazines feature a winding wheel or mechanism at the bottom that needs to be manually rotated to feed BBs into the gun. This winding action helps to maintain a continuous flow of BBs during gameplay. Realism and weight: Full metal magazines provide a realistic feel and weight, adding to the authenticity of the airsoft gun. Compatibility: Airsoft magazines are designed to be compatible with specific airsoft gun models. It is essential to ensure that the magazine you purchase is compatible with your specific airsoft gun model to ensure proper fit and functionality. Usage: Extra magazines are useful during airsoft games, as they allow players to quickly reload their guns without having to stop and manually load BBs into a magazine. Having spare magazines readily available ensures continuous gameplay without interruptions. It's worth noting that airsoft guns and magazines should be used responsibly and in designated airsoft game areas, following local laws and regulations. Safety precautions should always be followed, including wearing protective gear and using appropriate eye protection. This durable M4 fires using a nylon polymer rifle, maintaining a powerful, lightweight build while maneuvering throughout the field. This keeps your rifle internals safe during use, maintaining integrity indoor and outdoor MATERIALS – Gen II version upgraded with a nylon reinforced body; durable metal trigger and controls; version 2 gearbox features metal gears along with the cylinder teeth Polished 6.03 mm tight bore inner barrel for improved air seal and accuracy Full metal Version 2 rear-wired gearbox provides easy battery access and ample space 20mm top optic rail mounts scopes, sights, and magnifiers Enlarged trigger guard accommodates users wearing gloves One-piece outer barrel provides stability and zero wobble Upgraded gearbox with 18:1 steel gear set and high-speed motor High capacity magazine holds 300 rounds and only needs one full wind up Retractable crane stock adjusts to meet the battle situation Simple battery placement is sealed with a cover located in the back of the stock BATTERY – Simple battery (9. 6 V Nunchuck) placemen; automatic power shut down once charger (included) detects battery is fully charged Fires in full-auto and semi-auto, with a functional safety Full metal version 2 gearbox with an upgraded torque motor 20mm top optic rail mounts scopes, sights, and magnifiers